Aerobatic flight is one of the purest forms of flying: no electronics, flight management systems or complex avionics, just stick, throttle and endless combinations of loops and rolls to explore the flight envelope… from zero to maximum airspeed! This “Flight Unlimited” is the reason why I am fascinated with this sport.

My name is Kristof Cloetens and on this website I will provide you more information about the sport of aerobatic flying and how I try to perfect my skills.


About Kristof

Name: Kristof Cloetens
Nationality: Belgium
Born: 4 November 1979
Profession: military pilot
Aerobatic plane: Extra 330 SC

270 hours aerobatics
1650 hours F-16
250 hours Alpha jet
1900 hours single engine piston
100 hours Helicopter
100 hours glider
3750 hours total flight hours

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About Aerobatics

A little over 100 years ago ‘basic aerobatics’ emerged from military piloting maneuvres for aerial combat. Now it has evolved into a pure form of flying to perfect flying skills for any pilot.

In 2009, at my first aerobatic competition in Amiens, I was utterly surprised to see that the aerobatic box was so tiny and that my fellow competitors were tremendously prepared for every sequence they would fly. Needles to say I finished last in the final ranking, having accumulated practically every possible penalty. On this page I aim to provide you with essential information on the sport aerobatics, such as the aerobatic box, categories, judging criteria, aerobatic aircraft and limitations, sequence design, training and preparation. This way you would engage in competition aerobatics, you’ll be better prepared than I was at the time.

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Belgian Air Force Days:
Kleine Brogel got “Ready for the Future” on the 8 and 9 September.


July: Belgian Open Aerobatic Championship @ Koksijde (BEL)
First place in the Unlimited category, Belgian Champion and best score overall 2018!
First place Luxembourg: Cyrial Talon (LUX)

July: French Open Aerobatic Championshop @ Chambley (FR)
10th place in the Unlimited category
1th place in the Unlimited category: Alexandre Orlowski!

Orlowski champion de France de voltige 2018

training camps:

We organised training camps with the best aerobatic pilots and trainers of the World:

April: Training Camp 1, @ Albert Bray (FR), trainer: Pierre Varloteaux
May: Training Camp 2, @ Albert Bray (FR), trainer: Pierre Varloteaux
May: Training Camp 3, @ Albert Bray (FR), trainer: Mikhail Mamistov
June: Training Camp 4, @ Albert Bray (FR), trainer: Pierre Varloteaux
August: Training Camp 5, @ Albert Bray (FR), trainer: Pierre Varloteaux

Pierrot and Kristof @ Albert Bray



July: Belgian Open Aerobatic Championship @ Koksijde (BEL):
First place in the Unlimited category, Belgian Champion 2017!

Belgian Open Aerobatic Championship 2017

International Sanicole airshow:
A successful  40th edition!
As soon as the low clouds lifted, all participants were able to fly their full presentations, all be it in fairly windy conditions.
Nice atmosphere, a lot of visitors and a professional organization.
The biggest surprise for me was the Patrulla ASPA, flying 5 Eurocopters EC120. All presentations were seamlessly announced by two enthusiastic commentators, one of them, Ric Peterson made this great review clip:

Oostwold Airshow (NLD)

Training Camps:

April: Training Camp 1 @ Haguenau (FRA)
May: Training Camp 2 @ Albert Bray (FRA)
June: Training Camp 3 @ Albert Bray (FRA)
August: Training Camp 4 @ Haguenau (FRA)